About Steve


I’m Steve.

I’m an actor, writer, preacher and teacher.

I trained as an actor for 3 years at the Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts and appeared on TV, radio and film.

I won runners-up prize in the national BBC Radio Acting competition 2006 and was nominated Best Newcomer for the Spotlight Award.

I have a Certificate in New Testament Greek and Exegesis from the University of London.

I recently won the Writers’ Forum Short Fiction Prize.

My grace revelation testimony was recently published in Jody Cleghorn’s book Under the Covers.

All glory to God.

I’m a regular contributor to Christian e-zine Threads.

I live in Cambodia and spend my time teaching and writing.

As you can see I’m a passionate advocate of God’s grace.

I enjoy the teaching of Tim Keller, Pastor Tullian and Joseph Prince, and reading books by John Eldridge, John Stott and anyone preaching God’s radical grace.

I love listening to Delirious and The David Crowder Band as well as Jason Upton.

I am working on a one man play about St. Paul which I hope to travel and perform.

Contact me here: steve@thegracebase.com

I’d love to hear what you’re up to.

Grace and peace!



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