#201 Banksy

I bounce down towards MacD hoping to see Dave so I can buy him a tea.

Got $20 in my pocket.

Dave’s havin a fag outside Tescos.

See that bank, goes Dave…

I look across the street to where he’s looking.

What bank?

Over there. Coutts.

Yeh, what about it?

You gotta be invited to bank there, goes Dave.

They look like Banksies, I go.

Theres a graffiti display in the shop window.

Very droile.

Banksy displayed in a bank.

C’est droile, Monsieur Fox.

Very fuken funny.

Banksy’s from Bristol, ain’t he.

Same as me.

Come on, I’ll get you a tea, I tells Dave.

Fuk me, what happened. You win the lottery?!

I go in, order 2 teas and proudly hand over my hard earned twenty pound note.

Get in there!

I’ll be back in Cambo in no time!

Right, Mr. Fox?!