#197 Let Me Love You

Dave gives me $2 to buy the teas.

I order.

My ticket is 008.

The screen says:



Fuk you, Mr. Fox.

One day I’ll get that 007 ticket.

I grab a handful of sugar sachets and wait for the teas.

Take them to Dave.

Justin Beiber and DJ Snake is playing.

Let Me Love You

Riding the edge of a knife.

I sing along.

You’re lively, goes Dave.

Reminds me of Razor, I tells him.


My girl in Cambodia.

You been smoking that shit again?

We got an amazing soundtrack, I tells him.

You cant fool me, goes Dave. I been round the block a few times I have. I’m going for a fag.

I sing along to DJ Snake and Justin.

Let me love you!

How the fuk am I gonna get back to Cambo?

Eh, Mr. Fox?