Method in the Madness

Method in the Madness


I have been serving God as missionary to gangland Cambodia for 7 years.

When I arrived in 2010 I had no idea what I was diving into.

But dive I did.

I hope my story serves to warn other young missionaries like me of the dangers of the mission field in developing countries.

And to heed the warning know everything about a country before you go.

My story is fit for Hollywood: sex workers, night clubs, drug addiction, dj’s, child abuse, homelessness, prison and death threats.

I will publish the story in chapters.

Expect it to be a no-holds-barred story of a young man’s desire to combat the horror of child sex trafficking in Cambodia but finding himself out of his depth in a drug-infested swamp of societal chaos…

Follow my blog for chapter 1 coming soon…






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