What is Community?

(Originally posted in 2013).

This week we shared a pizza and cans of coke at our cafe in the red light area.

We shared a meal, broke bread (pizza) drank the blood (coke) and thanked Jesus for giving us eternal life.

This is what Jesus meant by “whenever you do this, remember me.”

He meant share a meal together, and when you do, remember Him.

 I have given you life, and life in abundance. 

It was a great moment. A moment of sharing life with people passionate for God. The cafe hub was buzzing, people outreaching to sex workers, ladyboys, sex-pats, huge tattooed Christians ministering to American / Cambodian returnees (people who have been deported from the US back to Cambodia because they have committed a crime – forced into leaving their families, their loved ones, into a country they don’t know, some don’t even speak the language).

So, life is a rich mixture. Shakespeare called life a feast.

This is what Jesus means by communion.


And we don’t always find community in that place we’re supposed to go and park our butts for 2 hours on a Sunday.

Community is wherever we are.

Whereever we are, that is church.

Whereever we are, Jesus is.


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