We are Children of God!

Do you know God loves you?

Do you know how amazing you are to Him?

Do you know, that even if you had a bad week by your own standards, if you snapped angrily at your partner, or were rude to your co-worker (like me) or gossiped like an old chatterbox at work (again, like me) or if you did something else that made you feel embarrassed or ashamed or angry at yourself (this is becoming a pattern… again, like me) do you know that God still loves you beyond what you can possibly dream or imagine?

Do you know that despite all of your moral failings, all of your (maybe failed) efforts to stay in control, despite all of your weaknesses, all of your feelings of letting God down, all of your feelings of worthlessness, your lack of love for God and others, and your lack of love for your self – despite all of that God still thinks you are amazing!

Spiritually, God has clothed you with His beauty and majesty. When He sees you He sees past all of your failures, all of your weaknesses, all of your Godless qualities – He sees you as He created you to be – because when He sees you, He sees Christ.

That’s not to say God isn’t hurt by your pain. He loves you. Loves you enough to die on a cross for you. Loving you means He cares deeply about you – about all of the details of your life, all of your struggles, all of your dreams and desires. The key is the difference between the way God sees us and the way we see ourselves.

If, when we you see ourselves, we see our flaws as weaknesses, we see our mistakes as failures and our shame and pain as something we deserve we are not seeing ourselves as God sees us yet.

When God sees us He sees our flaws as areas that need healing. He sees our mistakes as consequences of our brokeness. He sees our shame and pain as evidence that we don’t yet see ourselves as He sees us – as beautiful, pure and holy. All of this shows God that He must draw closer to us and pour more of His love into our hearts.

If we still see ourselves as broken, in pain and in need of healing God will continue to heal us until we see ourselves as He sees us – as His beautiful children.

“How great is the love the Father has lavished on us that we should be called children of God. And that is what we are!”

(John 3:1)

We are children of God and that means we have inherited our Father’s beauty and majesty.

We don’t have to work for it.

It comes free.

A free gift.

He loves us.

As we are.

Thank you, Jesus.

Steve Edwards


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