Sunday Sermon: Not very Christian? What a joke!

When people tell me what I just said ‘wasn’t very Christian’ I laugh.

Of course, it probably wasn’t very Christian – that is, wasn’t very like Christ.

It was probably stupid, may have been macho, and was likely lacking love or compassion.

I laugh because, thankfully, my being Christian doesn’t depend on my actions, on what I do or what I say…thank God – or I would be destined for Satan’s eternal torture party.

I laugh, not because I am proud of my stupidity, or think I am clever or a smartass.

I don’t. And I ‘m not.

I often cringe at the way I try to ‘get on with the lads’ at work, the stupid sexual innuendos I come out with, or the long running jokes of deviancy I’ve got with a co-worker or two.

I laugh because I know my being Christian doesn’t depend on me.

I laugh because I know what makes me a Christian isn’t about what I do, but about what Christ did for me.

I laugh because I know my Christian status is because of Christ living in me and through me.

I don’t have to try to be like Christ.

Christ lives through me.

As Paul says ‘I can do everything through Christ.’

Not that I do do everything through Christ.

I wish I did.

Sometimes my tongue – which has a life of its own – gets in the way.

James was right.

All kinds of animals have been tamed by man, but no man can tame the tongue…It is a restless evil, full of deadly poison.

(James 3:8)

Yet as Paul says, we cannot change ourselves into His likeness. We change into His likeness, from glory to glory, as we gaze on Him –

This comes from The Lord, who is The Spirit.

(2 COR 3:18)

When people tell me I am not very Christian I laugh… because… I know I am not very Christian.

That is, I am not very Christ – like.

I laugh because, like Isaiah, I am overwhelmed with joy because

He has clothed me in a robe of His righteousness.

(Isaiah 61:10)

No matter what I do, mistakes I make, stupid things I say, to God I am as pure and as perfect as Christ.

My righteous status before God is a free gift.

And I can rest assured that the more time I spend gazing on Him, the more those undesirable qualities I have will fall away.

I will decrease, He will increase.

And for this, I cry.

Cry for joy.

Thank you, Jesus!!!

Steve Edwards


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