Is 1 John 1 for Believers or Unbelievers?

Escape to Reality

“Why do you assume that the first chapter of first John is addressed to unbelievers?”

This question was put to me by a friend after reading my recent post on 1 John 1:9.

Judging by some of the comments that have come up in various discussion threads, it’s a question many of you are asking:

–    How can you say that an epistle clearly written for churches was meant for sinners?
–    Aren’t you treading on thin ice when you carve up the Bible saying, “That bit’s not for me”?
–    Aren’t we supposed to heed the whole counsel of God?

These are all excellent questions and I will try to shed some light by looking at 1 John 1. But let me state up front that I do not assume 1 John 1 was written for unbelievers – assumptions of that sort are dangerous. Rather I conclude that…

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