Righteous by faith!

“But now a righteousness from God has been revealed. A righteousness that is by faith, from first to last.”

– Romans 1:17

By faith, from first to last.
Our righteousness is not about what we do or don’t do anymore. This is where all those people who say we must strive to overcome sin are getting it wrong. We can not overcome sin. Christ overcame sin on the cross.
Our righteousness comes from our faith in Him.
Our righteousness comes from Christ.
As Paul explains in 1 Corinthians 1:30 – He is our righteousness.
Him, living in us.
When Paul tells Timothy to ‘pursue righteousness’ he isn’t telling him to try to ‘be’ righteous – the original Greek meaning is ‘set into flight’. Set your righteousness into flight. When are we set in flight, according to Isaiah? When we trust in the Lord we soar on wings like eagles !
It isn’t about what we do anymore. It’s truting what Christ has done for us and setting into flight our new nature.
Now we know that we are righteous by faith we can really fly. It doesn’t depend on us anymore – it depends on Christ – and He will never fail us!
Thank you God for setting us free.
Not free to sin, but free from sin.
We are righteous.
Righteous by faith.

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