The Power of God’s Grace

Someone said to me ‘I am sometimes saddened at my inability to overcome sin.’
This is sad, because it means that person doesn’t realize he is ‘bathing in Christ’s blood’ as Spurgeon says, which means God doesn’t see his sin anymore, he just sees Christ’s blood.
In the Old Testament God told the Hebrews to kill a lamb and sprinkle the blood on the door, then when the ‘Angel of Death’ punished the Egyptians, he would pass over their house and would not harm them – when He saw the blood.
It’s the same for us.
God doesn’t see our sin anymore, He sees the blood of the lamb.
Jesus’ blood.
God chooses to reveal these truths to people – and I believe He reveals it when people know they need it.
I was so deep in self-hatred and feeling unlovable again that God knew I needed to realize nothing I could do could make Him love me less, that all my sin was completely covered, that punishment has been made in full, by Jesus.
I needed to know that. It was my only way out. God knew that. He had mercy on me. He ‘revived’ me. There is revival in the world today, and it’s sinners who have been revived by a knowledge of God’s grace.
We are so blessed who grasp this.
I hope you do.
We are ‘already clean’ – as Jesus told Peter. We have nothing to do our selves to add to the righteousness He has given us, to add to the beauty and majesty He has adorned us with.
It is finished.
We are perfect, holy and righteous in His eyes, regardless of what we do or don’t do.
As Ron Hession says in his book The Power of God’s Grace – this was a big risk for God, because people could abuse His grace, and He knew that.
But there was no other way. If Grace – free forgiveness and pardon – didn’t inspire His people to love Him, there was no other way.
God took the risk with his wonderful gift.
We are free, forgiven and our sin is forgotten, forevermore.

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