GRACE is difficult to GRASP

In response to my article on THREADS: why we are holy – even if we look at porn.

GRACE is difficult to grasp because it is a total 180 degree turn from what so-called evangelical Christianity has been steeped in.  If you were just elected president of the world, you would surely look at the world differently than if you were a lowly peasant from some impoverished third world country.  When we are consciously aware that we are seated in the heavenlies with Christ Jesus, we are breathing some rarefied air!  We will never look at ourselves and God the same way again — we have just experienced a total, unequivocal paradigm shift.  The power of our transformed righteous identity in Christ far, far eclipses the most ambitious, well-meaning “Christian” behavior modification plan.

The article is fine because it leads towards the idea of a transformed identity.  We must never set our sights on anything lower than that — Christ paid too horrible of a price on our behalf for anything less.  Our real focus is not less porn but more glory in Jesus — then porn and any other stumbling block becomes increasingly irrelevant because our spiritual vision has just exploded with color and vividness.  Remember, we are seated in the heavenlies with Jesus right now!

– a reader.


One thought on “GRACE is difficult to GRASP

  1. Steve – It seems that I think about the same things you do. I like reading your blog. The “sitting in the heavenlies” idea hasn’t become real enough to me yet. I haven’t had THAT paradigm shift yet. But, I’d like to understand that better. If you want to see what I think about, I have a wordpress blog, too, where I like to document all of the beautiful Truth that comes my way that sets me free again and again in different ways.


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