Will gay people go to hell ?

An article in Charisma mag has been debating the homosexual issue. Many commenting believe homosexuals are destined for the fiery furnace of Gods wrath for their evil deeds.

This is my response: our righteousness is a gift from God which we receive by faith (Romans 5:17).

When we come to Christ, regardless of our sexuality, we are washed clean in His blood and made perfect forever (Hebrews 10:14).

Our salvation, cleanliness, purity and righteousness does not depend on what we do, or we would all be damned to hell. It ONLY depends on what Christ did.

It’s simple.

NONE of us are worthy.

We are saved by Grace, through faith.

It does not depend on what we do.

Christ saved us.

This is how God demonstrates His love for us, even while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

We are all the same: sinners saved by grace.

None of us deserves anything other than eternal hell.

But out of His great love for us, He took our punishment in our place.

Unless homosexuality is a personal issue in our own lives let’s leave the judging to the One who judges justly and fix our thoughts on Christ.


8 thoughts on “Will gay people go to hell ?

  1. I understand what everyone is saying and I am not judging. You didn’t address my concern. I am not saying a person is not saved if he or she continues that lifestyle. I am saying the Holy Spirit will not tell a person this lifestyle is ok because that is against Gods creation for man. Man and man can’t come together in marriage like male and female. No one in the blog will talk about this fact. Why? You can pass laws in states but how can they be marriaged according to Gods created plan.


    • Priscilla, do you have a personal connection to a gay person or couple – a friend or a relative?

      I thnk the best way to evangelise to everyone who doesn’t know Jesus, gay or straight, bi or Transgender, is to tell them about our own personal struggles and how Jesus has accepted us even as we are.

      We should tell of our experience of Jesus’ amazing love for us, say how much God loves us and them, too, just as they are.

      Once we accept Jesus He speaks to our hearts.


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