Those born of God CAN NOT SIN

“Whoever has been born of God does not sin, for His seed remains in him; and he cannot sin, because he has been born of God.”

– 1 John 3:9

New King James Version

Bible teachers love to water this down. They say:

‘Oh, it can’t mean CAN NOT sin, because obviously we DO sin, so it must mean something else, like…we can’t continue sinning our whole lives, or…we can’t purposefully keep on sinning...’ etc etc etc.

The problem is with these ideas is, that is not what it says!

It says ‘Those who are born of God CAN NOT SIN.’

So, how do we interpret this?

See it through the GRACE lens.

Grace says God will never ever count our sin against us ever again. Grace says ‘Their sins and their lawless acts I will remember no more.’ Grace says ‘The Spirit of the LORD has anointed me to give freedom to the prisoners of sin.’

If we are in Christ, our sin was crucified with Christ.

“He appeared once to do away with sin by the sacrifice of Himself.”

Do away with. Once. Forever.

Can sin rise from the dead like Christ ?

Anyone who turns to Christ has all of their sin, past present and future, crucified with Christ.

Therefore, as John says – we CAN NOT sin, because the moment we do, it is washed in the blood.

Joseph Prince describes it as like standing in a perpetual waterfall of cleansing and forgiveness.

Spurgeon says it’s as if we are bathing in Christ’s blood.

This is why we can not sin.

We are ALWAYS clean.

This is GRACE.


4 thoughts on “Those born of God CAN NOT SIN

    1. Thank you. Yes, it’s not easy discerning these verses which say we cannot sin, in light of 1 John 1:9. However, when we see them through the grace lens, and realize that we can’t sin because we are continuously being washed in the blood, like a stone in a waterfall, it is easy to see what John means. So, after 30 years you have had a GRACE revelation. Me, after 17 years. God is finally setting His people free. hallelujah! Grasp it with both hands, as a friend of mine said, and never let go! There are some difficult passages, but read through the GRACE lens, we can see that Paul was preaching PURE GRACE. No condemnation. We are forever free. Bless you!


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