Grace is a revival fire!

Sadly not everyone understands Grace.

Some people think they understand Grace, but they don’t.

The same as some non-Christians think they understand what Christianity is – but they haven’t a clue.

Sadly, it’s the same as some Christians with Grace.

They think they understand it – but they’re mixing it with the law, perverting it.

The problem is, real Grace, which is the True gospel, is actually way too good to be true, so people just reject it. The same way as they hold onto 1 John 1:9 about having to confess sin, but reject 1 John 3:9 which says those who are born of God can not sin.

I believe Grace comes by revelation of the Holy Spirit to whom God chooses to reveal it.

Do you know we are absolutely holy, righteous and perfect in Christ?

And even if we sin, we are still absolutely holy, righteous and perfect in Christ without any need of begging God for forgiveness ?

We have already been forgiven, and to God, we are and always will be perfect, because of Jesus’ sacrifice.

Nothing we do wrong anymore can change our right standing with God, because our righteousness doesn’t depend on what we do but on what He did for us.

This is Grace.

This is the gospel.

And yes! It IS too good to be true!

Here’s a good article by Paul Ellis. How well did you understand Grace before you understood Grace?

If you don’t understand grace yet – beg God for it!

Believe me, if you’re not, like Isaiah, ‘overwhelmed with joy’ you haven’t really grasped grace yet.

Grace is a revival, and the fire is spreading.

Catch onto a flame!


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