Repent and confess!

Here’s something interesting- some solid food:

In Greek ‘confess’ means ‘to say the same’.

‘Repent’ means ‘to turn from devotion towards sin and the self to devotion towards God.’

So when the New Testament writers write about confessing and repenting, they are talking about matters of the heart .

We don’t have to verbally say ‘Sorry God for I have sinned, please forgive me.’

God knows when we have sinned, and he has already forgiven us, once for all, on the cross.

God also knows our hearts, and whether our devotion is towards Him or towards ‘sin’ and our self.

Confessing and repenting are not things we must do outwardly, spoken, alone or in front of others.

Both ‘confessing’ and ‘repenting’ happen in our hearts.

And God knows our hearts.


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