Ice in The Son

We don’t have to keep confessing our sin. We are free.

John wrote his confession verse to Gnostic Christians who believed they were in Christ but that sin did not exist.
Like people today who think they are Christians but are not actually saved.
John was telling them that they had to ‘say the same’ as God about their sin.
That verse about confessing wasn’t meant as a Christian ‘bar of soap’.
Jesus sacrifice was good enough, once for all.
If we keep confessing and asking for forgiveness it’s like saying His once-for-all sacrifice wasn’t good enough.
This is why the writer to the Hebrews was saying it’s like crucifying the Son of God all over again.
We are free.
When you feel tempted, remind yourself you are free and holy anyway, regardless of your own actions.
Nothing can take your holiness away. You are holy because of Christ in you.
Remind yourself of this and your desire to sin will melt away like ice in the Son.

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