Christ’s Precious Blood

The writer of Hebrews is severe when he implies rejecting the message of grace  is like:

“Trampling the Son of God underfoot and treating as an unholy thing the blood of the sacrifice that sanctified us.”
Another writer condemns the modern translation of 1 John 1:9 which puts us under a law of confession. John was writing this verse to the Gnostics, who believed they had no sin but were saved.
We don’t have to keep continuously asking for forgiveness. We have been forgiven once for all. We can just give thanks.
In fact, the Hebrews writer says if we do continuously ask God for forgiveness we are treating Christ’s blood like the blood of bulls and goats of the Old testament, which they sacrificed every time they needed forgiveness for their sin.
In the O.T times every year God’s people sacrificed bulls and a spotless lamb to atone for their sins. Every year.
But Christ made a once for all sacrifice.
If we keep going back and asking for forgiveness every time we sin, it’s like we sacrifice Christ again and again, like slaying another lamb, bull or goat.
Christ was the precious lamb of God. His sacrifice was once for all. 
Let’s not crucify the son of God over and over again.
It is finished.
Forgiveness is ours.
Receive the gift of Grace… and be thankful.

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