Pressing On…

“Here I am, in that old place again, down on my face again.”

So go the opening lyrics to the Martin Smith Delirious song Sanctify. 

Familiar place?

OK here’s a question for you: how badly do you have to sin to actually get on your knees to repent? I mean, God looks at our hearts doesn’t He? He knows if we’re sorry. Truly sorry.

You know that verse that goes…

“Every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.”

Do you think on that day when everyone who has ever lived is judged by God Almighty people will bow their knees because they are told to?

You think we’re all gonna be standing there, like in church, and Jesus says, like a Vicar ‘please sit or kneel to pray’ ?


The entire population of the world, everyone who has ever lived will FALL to their knees in AWE at the MAJESTY of JESUS CHRIST who will be revealed in all his GLORY and POWER.

Remember that verse from Paul’s letter when he says:

“The LORD Jesus Christ will be revealed from Heaven in BLAZING FIRE with his POWERFUL ANGELS. He will punish everyone who does not know God and who does not obey the gospel of our LORD Jesus Christ. They will be punished with an everlasting punishment and shut out from the presence of the LORD and from the MAJESTY of His POWER. This will happen on the day He comes to be GLORIFIED among his Holy People  (us) and marveled at by all those who believe in Him (us again).”

I love that. Marveled at.

Revealed from Heaven in blazing fire with his powerful angels! Powerful Angels! What does a powerful angel look like? Can you imagine? I can’t. But it must be AWESOME!!!

I know who’s side I want to be on on that day. God I’m thankful that Christ has revealed Himself to me, had mercy on me, saved me from that everlasting punishment.

Forget a life prison sentence. This is The Judge not banging his hammer and saying ‘I sentence you to life’ but ‘I sentence you to eternal Life.’ Or rather eternal death.

Shut out from the majesty of His power. The MAJESTY of His POWER!

For all eternity. 

For ever.


Forever in darkness.


WE are lucky brothers. God had mercy on us. Loved us. Forgave us. Shed His precious blood for us. Died that we might live. That we might know one day we will be with Him, forgiven, loved and free.

On that day, ‘The great and terrible day of The LORD’ as one Old Testament prophet calls it, we’re not going to kneel because we’re told to, we’re going to kneel because we’re terrified, grateful, full of love, admiration and awe for our great and marvellous God.

When was the last time you sinned? How bad was it? Bad enough to fall to your knees and cry out to God as Jesus cried out with

“…loud cries and tears…”

Next time we pray to repent, to make ourselves ready, to

“…purify ourselves just as He is pure…”

so that…

“..although our sins be as scarlet we may be white as snow…”

and that

“…we may walk through the gates into The City…”

(The gates of course being the Gates of Heaven)

…let’s remember those words from Paul, the BLAZING FIRE, the POWERFUL ANGELS, the everlasting punishment for all those who have not believed, and let’s be thankful, and beg Him to cleanse us, purify us with His HOLY FIRE that we might be the Mighty Warriors he has called us to be.

“Forgetting what is behind, and straining towards what is ahead, we press on towards the goal to win the prize for which God has called us Heavenwards in Christ Jesus.”

And when we have to, when we feel we need to, when the Holy Spirit convicts us to, let’s play that great Delirious song and get ‘in that old place again, down on our face again.’


4 thoughts on “Pressing On…

  1. How good to know we are forgiven and accepted by God in Christ! It is true that people will bow in awe before the Lord of glory! One thought….it is only believers that will go to everlasting life, unbelievers will be sentenced to everlasting death. The distinction between ‘life’ and ‘death’ separates the saved from the unsaved in eternity. So when the the Lord of glory finally passes sentence on the unbeliever, they will be banished to eternal death and not eternal life.


    • haha! Very true! My play was on the words of The Judge of a court V God The Judge. One passes a ‘Life’ sentence and one an everlasting life sentence – but you’re right – actually everlasting death. Thanks for your comment 🙂


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